liver Plummer set up his London Office based accountancy practice in 1982, setting out from the onset to provide the personal service to his clients that the bigger firms say they offer, but in fact only do so to their largest clients.

Although the firm has grown and Oliver now employs several qualified Accountants to assist him, he is always available to advise clients on their particular problems.

Oliver takes particular pride in assisting the small, one man bands often overlooked by other firms, as he knows that with his help and advice they can become multinationals of the future.

Speaking fluent Italian, Oliver has built up an enviable reputation amoungst the European Community and he now has clients from all over the world including France and Italy.

If you would like to know how Oliver Plummer & Co can help you please call 020 7381 0100

The first consultation is free, but our many satisfied clients would call it priceless.

Oliver Plummer & Co is situated in Fulham, adjacent to West Brompton underground station and within easy reach of London's Airports. Parking is easy, although if you have difficulty in reaching the office Oliver is happy to visit your place of work or residence.